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The Story Behind Spiritri


In addition to adopting more eco-friendly sourcing options, Rachel became more and more aware of and disturbed by working conditions of those employed in the clothing industry.


As an initial effort to do her part to limit any contribution to the problem, she began sewing and designing clothing for her kids to cut down on the demand for inexpensive clothing that came at a grave cost to the workers. People began noticing the clothing she made, and so Spiritri was born.






Rachel Reilly, founder of Spiritri, has always loved fabric and sewing. Finding unique scraps and memorable pieces from loved ones or of times gone by helps Rachel buy less and reuse more.


Turning something old into something new again helps the earth and is an important part of why she does things the way she does at Spiritri.


Rachel loves the art behind building a one of a kind piece. Between filling orders you will find her coordinating colors and patterns to make unique gifts and clothing. One of her favorite things is seeing these pieces find their homes with an excited customer.  She loves helping people bring their ideas to life, so she’s always thrilled to work with a client who is looking for something special.  That collaborative process, and the joy of presenting the finished product, is at the heart of Spiritri’s purpose.

Patterned Fabrics


You can currently find one-of-a-kind Spiritri items right at Polkadots Consignment Shop in Guilderland, NY.


10 New Karner Road, Guilderland, NY 12094  |

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I cannot express how happy I am to be the proud owner of this one-of-a-kind top for my daughter. This top is not only beautiful in itself, but beautifully made! My daughter cannot wait to wear this as a top on her first day of school. I will most definitely make other purchases from Spiritri! Such a pleasure to deal with!


Needle & Thread

Happy Customers

Rachel was such a pleasure to work with, and willing to work with me on a custom order. This neck wrap made a lovely and comforting gift- the balsam scent smells amazing and the wrap was so nicely made! Rachel was quick to reply to questions and the item shipped very quickly. Thank you so much!!


AWESOME DRESSES! worked well with me and was very quick to respond!


LOVE LOVE IT! thank you!!!


I am impressed with the creativity and quality of the dresses and jewelry Rachel created for my girls.  They are some of my favorite pieces.  Rachel has kindly supported and provided attire for yearly young girls fashion shows for the nonprofit Maddie's Mark Foundation, to raise funds for sick children to enjoy Best Day Evers.  a creative, passionate and kind business, the best kind.


Every item I have purchased from Spiritri has been masterfully designed and crafted.  The styles are unique and always bring a smile to my face when they arrive. Whether you need the perfect item for your loved one, or need a memorable gift, this is the place to shop.


- Claire 


A Note from Rachel

"I am a blessed Mom to three treasures, who have finally gotten old enough for me to bring my sewing machine

back out! I have always loved sewing, and used to make my own clothes when I couldn't find what I wanted in the stores. 

Every piece I create is hand measured, hand cut, pinned and sewn (yes, on a machine - but it's on my dining room table) by me.

It's just me, no employees, no subcontractors. This is my art form - I truly love the process of starting with an idea and, step by step,

watching a creation take form.

I LOVE fabric, and am constantly adding to my supply (as my wonderfully patient husband would attest) and enjoy sourcing fabric from pre-loved items and materials, reusing them and giving them new life. I also love making personally meaningful pieces… my Heirloom Collection. Girl's dresses made from Daddy's shirts, and necklaces made from Grandpa's neckties… these are among my many favorites, allowing my customers to cherish and carry memorable items into a whole new generation. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share what I love to do with the world, and I look forward to making you a creation you will value for years to come.

To Mom, thank you for insisting I learn how to sew. None of this happens without you. Love you!”

-Rachel Reilly

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